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This site is managed by the Japan Actors’ Association (JAA) and Organization for the Preservation of Kabuki (OPK). JAA is an incorporated association of Kabuki actors dating to 1889. It is devoted to keeping Kabuki alive through various activities. OPK is authorized by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as a holding group of intangible cultural properties. It consists of selected Kabuki actors, Nagauta singers and players, Takemoto singers and players, Narimono players and Kyogen Sakusha (script writers) who have more than 20 years professional experience at a high performing standard. Members take the lead to improve their own performances as well as train younger professionals. The OPK also promotes Kabuki in the belief that that the popularization of the art is crucial in its preservation and development. We hope this site will be useful for those who have an interest in Kabuki.