How to Buy Kabuki Tickets


Tickets are available online (registration required) or at the box office.

Kabuki can be seen year-round at Tokyo's Kabukiza Theatre. Shows, held at this location since the 19th century, are performed daily without break in runs of around three weeks. New programs are introduced each month.

The Kabukiza presents differing morning and evening productions (an extra production is added in August), each consisting of 2-3 acts. Those acts do not necessarily constitute a single show; they are more commonly a variety format combining dance pieces, extracts from classic period dramas, more modern (for Kabuki) works and such. The selection will depend on the actors, the season, special events and other factors. Summaries of each show are available online.

The acts usually last 60-90 minute each, separated by 15-30 minute intermissions (curtain times for the individual acts are listed online). Each is a production in itself on a Broadway or West End scale. Tickets allow viewing of any or all of the shows in the production. This is the choice for those wanting to experience this great art form at its best, even for just one or two of the acts on offer. (Naturally we’re convinced that once you see one act, you’ll want to stay for the entire show.) English subtitle devices are available for all acts.

The Kabukiza also sells special one-act day seats located in the Upper Balcony (4th floor) for each of the individual acts. These are available in person at the Box Office just before each act on the performance date (cash only). The seats provide a complete view of the stage itself with a limited view of the hanamichi stage extension, where some scenes are performed. This is fine for those who want a taste of Kabuki.

National Theatre

Tickets are available online (registration required) or at the box office.

The National Theatre in Tokyo offers periodic month-long Kabuki productions. It generally showcases full-length works, giving fans the chance to see the entire versions of shows normally known only for their most famous scenes. Audio English-language earphone guides explaining the story and background are available for all shows. Details of each show are available online at the National Theatre website.


There are frequent Kabuki productions as well in other theaters and cities nationwide. Click here for the latest offerings.

by Gary Perlman